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Upcoming Reproductive Justice in Action Volunteer Training Dates

1/27/18 -- Bay Area

5/26/18 -- Redding

6/16/18 -- Bay Area

10/13/18 -- Los Angeles

12/15/18 -- Bay Area

ACCESS is committed to centering, developing, and supporting the leadership of volunteers who represent the communities who call us - in particular, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; Trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary folx, people who have lived experience with abortion care, and anyone who has faced intersecting barriers accessing reproductive health services.                                             

Applications for our Bay Area Winter training are CLOSED! Check back soon for our 2019 schedule!

In addition to dedicated Practical Support Volunteers in the Bay Area who can provide logistical support so everyone has true bodily autonomyACCESS is looking for interns to work on our hotline and our movement building work. For the online application, click the 'apply' button below.




Get Involved

ACCESS offers many ways to get involved. The Reproductive Justice in Action Volunteer Training will enable individuals interested in volunteering with ACCESS—through the tracks mentioned below—to learn about reproductive justice issues in California and about the needs and situations of the caller-partners we work with through our Healthline.
Members of our RJ In Action Program will become the next generation of reproductive justice leaders as volunteers who provide logistical support to women seeking abortion care, as Healthline patient advocates, as spokespeople, and as long-term activists for reproductive justice.
Current volunteer tracks: 
RJAP February 2011 Training
Volunteers who answer calls to our peer-based hotlines and provide reproductive health information, referrals, advocacy and peer-counseling and help organize transportation and funding assistance for our caller-partners.
Volunteers who help women obtain safe, quality abortion services by providing direct assistance – rides, overnight housing, child care, translation, doula support* etc. – to help women physically make it to their appointments. 
Bay Area Doula Project Team Volunteers
Volunteers who support BADP's organizational needs outside of doula support. BADP is structured into three teams:
  • BADP Salon Series: The Salon Series is BADPs monthly speaker and workshop series. Our aim is to foster community and conversation around topics related to sexuality, reproductive experiences and reproductive health.  We invite presenters from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives to share and engage us in thought provoking conversation.  All events are free and open to the public. We pass a hat and ask for donations to support the ongoing work of BADP. Must be able to attend two in person gatherings each month these happen on weekends and after 9-5 work hours. (Must attend both trainings)
  • BADP Training Team: The BADP training team develops and executes trainings for future full spectrum doulas.  Some of these trainings are facilitated in collaboration with ACCESS, some are open call trainings facilitated solely by BADP, and some of the trainings are done in collaboration with new full spectrum doula groups in locations around the country. Training Team meets an average of once a month. These meetings are scheduled in preparation of our community BADP trainings and ACCESS volunteer trainings. training Team members are expected to assist with facilitating or logistical support for trainings. (Must attend trainings)
  • BADP Social Media Team: The social media team is responsible for developing and maintaining our online presence. We blog on the BADP webpage, upkeep the website and maintain an active and vibrant social media presence on Twitter and Facebook. Must be able to attend one in-person gatherings each month, on a weekend, and contribute weekly to BADPs online presence. (Must attend both trainings)
For information on our upcoming trainings, sign up for the email list: accesswhj.org/get-updates.  For other questions, email volunteering@accesswhj.org.
*Our Practical Support Network is growing to include abortion doulas trained by the Bay Area Doula Project. All volunteers interested in offering abortion doula support must first attend the Reproductive Justice in Action Training and then attend the Abortion Doula Training.