We are Reproductive Justice in Action

Below is how we approach our work, through our programs. Each component of our Reproductive Justice in Action model reflects our theory of social change.

  1. Healthline: The heart of our work is our bilingual Healthline, which connects people throughout California to information, referrals and advocacy on sexual and reproductive health issues. We help people navigate programs that pay for health care and are experts in offering resources for abortion, adoption and parenting. When people are in need of housing, food or transportation to ensure timely access to abortion care, we connect them to a network of volunteers who can provide this support or to funds when volunteer resources are unavailable. 
  2. Movement Building: Because we keep people's experiences at the center of our work, we utilize both upstream and downstreamapproaches within our movement and policy debates. We conducte administrative, legislative, media and grassroots advocacy, relaying the everyday experiences and barriers people face to administrators, policymakers, and voters.
  3. Community Action: We believe that in order to create an authentic reproductive justice movement that truly views everyone in the context of their lives, we must build community support for people seeking reproductive health care, including abortion. We educate and train the next generation of reproductive justice leaders.