Practical Support Network

Practical Support Volunteers in SF Magazine:
We have over 200 Practical Support Volunteers around California! Eleven of them were featured in San Francisco Magazine!

Being a Practical Support Volunteer:

"I feel like I help fill the gap that shouldn't be there as a Practical Support volunteer. Comprehensive sexual health care is out of reach or very difficult for so many, especially women, young people, people of color, queer people, and poor people.  It shouldn't be that way, but it is.  I like being part of an organization that trusts people to know what they need, and does everything possible to provide the help they request.” 

-Britta, Practical Support Volunteer
How we work:

The Practical Support Network is a corps of volunteers who assist women accessing safe, quality abortion services without delay, by providing direct assistance such as rides to the clinic, overnight housing, child care, translation, etc. In other words, they help women physically make it to their appointments. Our Practical Support Network also includes Bay Area Doula Project trained abortion doulas who specialize in physical and emotional support during medication and surgical abortions.
Practical Support volunteers are based out of different areas of California and provide services within their own areas. The position is on-call based on volunteer eligibility; Practical Support Volunteers are asked to describe their availability during the week and we will call or email them when their services are needed based on their availability. 
Here is what we want from you:
Provide practical support services at least 4 times a year or 50% of the times that we call
Attend 1-2 ACCESS events per year depending on where you are located and
Update your contact information annual and check-in by email or phone every 3 months with the Healthline.
*All Practical Support Volunteers must participate in our Reproductive Justice in Action Training (RJA). Click here for information about upcoming trainings.