access healthline program

"The work of ACCESS is invaluable for an incredible number of the women we serve, who would have limited ability in accessing essential health care without the wise and devoted assistance you provide.  The problem solving skills and resources of your healthline interns serves as a model for any group working to help women seeking reproductive health care." Eleanor Drey, MD, Medical Director, Women's Options Center



ACCESS is dedicated to ensuring that every woman has the information, resources and support she needs to make the reproductive and sexual health decisions that are right for her. Everyday we work directly with women who have faced discrimination at the county welfare office or judgment about having an abortion, women who fear unplanned pregnancy but lack even basic knowledge of how their bodies work, and women who must travel hundreds of miles to a strange city just to find a healthcare provider that accepts their insurance. For many women, ACCESS is their only source of truly unbiased and honest information and support for their reproductive health needs.

The ACCESS Healthline provides free, confidential and nonjudgmental information, referrals, peer counseling and advocacy on the full range of reproductive health services including abortion, birth control, pregnancy, prenatal care, pap smears and gyn care, infertility, and STD testing and treatment. We connect women with public insurance programs that pay for this care, such as FamilyPACT, Medi-Cal or AIM. We also refer to organizations that can help with other issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, drug addiction, homelessness, child-care or job discrimination. We offer a dedicated full-time Spanish hotline, and additional languages are available by interpreter.
Our Practical Support Network ensures that all women can obtain safe abortion services without isolation or delay. When a woman cannot rely on her personal resources to get to a clinic, our network of more than 100 volunteers can provide rides, overnight housing, child-care, translation or other assistance.
In dire circumstances, our Women In Need Fund provides money to pay for hotel rooms and bus tickets when women must travel great distances to find care, and contributes to the cost of abortion so that women can obtain the procedure without delay.